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SAMPLE MALE:  BORN 10/10/1944

..... 0 - 100%
..... 21 - 50%
..... 2 - 88%


EMOTIONAL (LOVE) ..... 5 - 64%


EMOTIONAL (LOVE) ..... 16 - 14%



You have a lot of confidence and stamina. You have so much confidence, you could become arrogant. You usually like to speak your mind. Smart or dumb, you're confident. You could come on real strong. Because you believe in yourself, you are able to get others to believe in you.

When you were a child, you might have driven your parents nuts with all the energy you have. If they hollered at you enough, you might have learned to camouflage it by walking slowly and just dragging yourself along. This could have become a habit and you may continue with this as an adult. If you are a parent of a low stamina child, you may think that child is lazy.

You have the stamina and confidence to do anything you want. You are not shy. You can maintain steady eye contact. You may distrust others who cannot. You have so much confidence it might not bother you if you do not keep your promises. You might think teasing is fun. You may delight in putting down someone who brags. They brag because they are trying to feel more confident than they are.

You can make a low confidence percentage person feel insecure. Just your presence in the room can affect them. You may feel your wants should come first, before the other person's. To you, wearing the latest fashions is a fun thing. You might tell the low confidence percentage person that they do not wear enough make-up or they do not keep up with the latest fashions. Where you feel they underdo, the low confidence percentage person feels you overdo.

You may have a high sex drive. If you do not, it might be your upbringing or you might have a health problem. When you have sex, it is because you want to; no one can push you into it. If you dress sexily, you will attract the sexy as well as the non-sexy people. You enjoy being sexy and are not offended when a person of the opposite sex makes a pass at you. You have enough confidence to handle this sort of thing.

You may have so much energy, you can work hard at a paying job and at home too. You may have enough energy to work a lot of overtime if you desire. You may have enough confidence to tell the boss off if s/he takes advantage of you by making you work a lot of overtime.

When you come home from your job, you may continue to work. That is your joy. When you get a phone call, during the call you probably clean up whatever is within your reach. You can do more than one thing at a time. You probably keep your home immaculate, and you may think others are lazy if they do not do likewise.

If you are married to a low stamina percentage person, they may get agitated with your working all the time. It makes them feel insecure and guilty because they do not want to be working too. They may feel they have to help you. You should put them at ease and tell them to just sit and watch TV or read. See to it that you take care of most of the chores around the house and most of the tending to the children. They are really not chores to you, but they are to the low stamina percentage person.

If you are married to a low stamina percentage person, there may be problems with sex. The low stamina percentage person may not have a high sex drive. They are more romantic than sexy. You can shame them into having more sex than they really want or need. Where the low stamina percentage person will be romantic, you will probably be mainly interested in sex. Let the low stamina percentage person be the one to say when to have sex. If you keep at them too much, they will withdraw from you and that could ruin the marriage. This is not very noticeable, however, when two people are not living together.

The spouse having the lower sex drive might resort to making sexual advances at inappropriate times, like when the other spouse is dressed to go out or after a rough day. When the low physical percentage spouse does this, s/he knows s/he will be turned down and then s/he can say s/he is sexier than you. If your marriage is not going well, you most likely will not feel you are to blame. If your spouse is in a bad mood and says you have nothing to do with it, you will easily accept that.

You love luxuries. You love to have them around you and you love taking care of them. You may love to indulge yourself. You might even choose to be lazy. You really need the monetary things in life. Usually, the things you would rather do cost money. One of your lessons in life is to learn how to control your spending and wasting. You are happiest living the affluent American materialistic way. You enjoy going to more than one major place a day. You are a goer. If you go camping, you will want to take your comforts with you. You may take your camper so you do not have to do without.

You have so much confidence in yourself that you may not understand that others may not. You may not understand why someone would need to go for counseling. You might even ridicule people who do. If things do get tough for you and you get your mind set on suicide, you could carry it out because you have the confidence to do it. If things do get that bad, it is best to change what is causing your problem. If you are around people who are not compatible with you, especially emotionally, leave and find someone who can really love you.

Because you have so much confidence in yourself, you should be able to accomplish early in life what you want. You are not afraid to do things. There is a feeling of strength that comes from you. Don't put people down for being lazy. Do not criticize people for seeking help when they do not feel strong enough to take care of things themselves. Realize how blessed you are to have so much confidence and stamina.

When you sit up very straight you are threatening to people with low confidence. If you would slouch a bit and cover part of your body, they will be able to handle you better. You may not want to do this, but there are times when it might be necessary if you do not want to intimidate them. People in your physical range tend to live long lives if they take care of their health. Most of the people who live to be 100+ are in the 56-100% physical (confidence & stamina) range.


Normally you care about people and things even if you are not personally involved. You may want to help others to help themselves. You may desire to reform the world. It is usually difficult for you to accept that some do not care about others.

When you are young you may try to help even if people do not want it. When you mature, you may have learned some people do not want to be helped; they need and want to suffer. Just learn to stand by and be there when you are needed.

You want people to be happy. You want to make life nicer and easier for others. The women with this Emotional (Love) number are inclined to support a man who does not want to work at some time in their lives. Once might be all the lesson you need. You are so eager to please that you are inclined to let people use you. When you mature, you get a bit smarter and let others stand on their own feet.

You like to pay your own way and you expect others to pay their way. When you go out to dinner, you want to pay your own check and you want the other party to pay theirs. You do not want to play the game of "I'll pay for this one and you pay the next time". That is a real irritant to you. You do not want to owe anything. You do not want to be bothered remembering whose turn it is. You generally want equal rights and justice for all.

You are happiest when working with people. You need them. The medium percentage Emotional (Love) person needs more breathing space. Even though you need people, you don't need them all the time. You would be happiest living in a medium sized city where the neighbors do not know all about you, but where they are not too cold, either. If you have a high Emotional (Love) percentage, you will be happiest living in a small town, because you need people more than others. You can be alone without being lonely. You are basically a loner who needs people, at times. If you have a low Physical (confidence & stamina) percentage, you will enjoy living alone.

You like to share your knowledge with others. If you know an easier way to do things, or a way to save money, or a way to have a happier life, you will be glad to share it even if the other person doesn't want it. You are a person who appears to bubble. Being very emotional will make you that way. You probably enjoy corny jokes. People who are not emotionally compatible with you will think you are silly. You tend to be a giggler when you are with someone with whom you are compatible with in the Emotional (Love) area.

You have always felt like an adult and resented being treated like a child. You do not enjoy adults who require you to act like their parent. You expect them to stand on their own feet and carry their own weight. Even if you are miserable inside, you try not to show it. Some men in this Emotional (Love) range have been so emotionally deprived they have become real scoundrels. Men are generally taught not to show their emotions. Because they have been stifled, they are hurting inside, so they often want to hurt others. This is a very difficult position for a man who does not feel he has the right to be tender. You do have the right, so do not be ashamed. A lot of the men in the Watergate Scandal were in this Emotional (Love) range. They may have been trying to get back at a society that stifled them emotionally.

If you, as a parent, have a child in this Emotional (Love) range, and you teach him/her to cover up his/her loving feelings, you could be teaching him/her to get his/her emotions out by being mean or doing anti-social things. The people born in this Emotional (Love) range must learn to get their feelings out in a loving way. You need to learn you cannot help or please everyone. Take care of yourself first, then you will be in a position to help others.


You are a leader. You have a need to lead or control. You need to run things. Having a need for power does not necessarily mean you are intelligent or even right. You could be tyrant or someone who naturally goes for leadership. You might tell other people what to do rather than ask them.

You usually enjoy competition and being aggressive. You are most likely to enjoy clawing your way to the top. You need not worry about your health when you do this because it is natural for you. You may be the type to leave your car in a no parking zone while you go into a building for a few minutes. You might control people by not telling them your plans. You may not say why you are going to do something, or why you did it. You probably won't tell your spouse, secretary or lover where you are going, where you have been or when they will see you next.

If you are in a lowly position on your job, you might set things up so others will have to come to you. You could hide information in your desk so others will have to go around looking for it. If you are not in a position of power, you might do "favors" for others. You might make yourself needed so they will come to you. You could drive them places when their car is in trouble. You know where to buy things wholesale, where they can get a "better" job. They might get taken at these places, but you have a need to control and this is one way you may do it.

Women in this Mental range might fight for Women's Liberation or they could feel "I can stand on my own two feet; I don't know why other women can't". These women do not want to hide behind men. They need to do the leading and controlling. Men in this Mental range are likely to be male chauvanists. If they have a low Physical (confidence & stamina) percentage, they may feel insecure and are likely to act as if they are "superior" to cover up. They are also likely to blame women for that insecure feeling.

While the kids were building sand castles, you might have been digging holes so others could fall in. If your Emotional number is #14 - #20, you might have wanted to go into show business, politics or become a surgeon. You need power and a lot of attention and these professions will give you what you need. It might be what the public needs.

School books were written for you. You like to use a lot of words when you explain things. This is one way you gain power over others. Another way you gain power is telling people "This is the way it has always been done; This is what the experts say; There is no scientific basis; It is the law; This is what the Bible says".

You might tell people they should lose weight because they will be healthier if they do. You say this to dominate them. One way to gain control if you do not have a high position, is to wear perfume even though your loved ones and others are allergic to it. Another way is to park your car so close to another car that they have to come and get you to move your car so they can get out.

You might not agree when someone tells you about a new idea. It would not matter if it is a good idea. If you did agree, you might feel you would lose control over that person. This is one reason progress is so slow. You are the one who is usually the top executive. You would rather have control than progress.

You might want others to conform to the rules. If you have a very low Physical (confidence & stamina) percentage, and a very high Emotional (Love) percentage, you might want to become a policeman, clergyman or work for the IRS. You will need power over others and because of your lack of confidence, you would be likely to get a job in one of these professions. Whether you will be one of the good guys or bad guys will depend on how you were treated as a child. It will depend on how much hostility you have inside.

If you have a lot of hostility and you have a low Physical (confidence & stamina) percentage, you might seek a job working with the very young, very old, in animal shelters, on the police force or with the IRS. These jobs will afford you the opportunity to get your anger out on ones who cannot or will not fight back. You could be a bully.

If someone else seems to be in control, you might be likely to try to find fault with what they are saying or doing. You do this to get yourself in control. If you have a low Physical (confidence & stamina) percentage, you may resent being told you do. You have probably learned to cover it up and you do not want others to know about it.

If you have a high Physical (confidence & stamina) percentage, a high Emotional (Love) percentage and a high Mental (logic & reasoning) percentage, you are a dynamic person. You can do anything you want. You will be sought after to become an executive. You are what society says we all should be. You will be in demand all your life. Because you are so dynamic, you will attract a lot of people who hope what you have will rub off on them. You can afford to be very selective about who you let into your life. Be on the alert for those who just want to lean on you or use you. If your Emotional (Love) number is #0 - #6, you might want what you want when you want it. If your Emotional (Love) number is #21 - #27, you will be more considerate of the people around you, providing you have permitted yourself to be a loving person.

You may need to hear, many times, that you cannot always have everything your way. Ask your counselor to prepare for you a DAILY BIORHYTHM CHART for the next 12 months. It is a chart which will enable you to spot your high and low cycles during which the positives and negatives of your Mental (logic & reasoning) percentage profile are amplified.


You may lack confidence and stamina. You might want to disagree with the low stamina at first. You can do more than is right for you for years and years. You will feel you are strong enough. One day your body, mind or spirit will rebel. It will tell you that you have been carrying too much of a load. Let adults and children do their fair share. Don't continue to wait on people. Don't continue to let people lean on you. You may appear stronger than you really are. You are strong enough for what is important to you, but not for what is important to them. Let others stand on their own feet. You feel you have more to do than for what you have time.

You have enough energy to do what is important to you. Properly motivated, you can become good at anything physical, even become a fine athlete. As long as you get praised, or paid for what you do, you will do a good job. Because you lack confidence, you try harder. You may be a naturally lazy person who has to work hard to conform.

When you were a child, you were probably very shy. Your parents may have hollered at you for not looking them in the eye when they talked to you. Because of your shyness, this is very difficult. The naturally convincing person is also in this confidence range. They need to learn to be convincing in order to survive. They cover up their shyness with talk. If you are not a natural con person, you might have crawled into your shell when you were criticized. When you are praised, you can't do enough to please others.

Some people with low stamina will camouflage it by bouncing along. Your parents, or someone else, probably kept after you for being so slow. In order to get them off your back, you may have pretended to have a lot energy. The way this child runs around outdoors, you might be deceived as to the amount of energy s/he really has. The outdoors seems to give you energy. Walking is something you should do all your life.

There is a softness about you because of your lack of confidence. You usually do not feel bold enough to act brash. You might put yourself down. You might brag hoping it will build up your self-confidence, but it won't work. It only makes you feel guilty. You might compensate for feeling inferior by acting superior.

When someone comes on too strong with you, it could make you insecure and make you back off. The high confidence person could do this to you. Their strong confidence is too heavy for you to handle. You may feel insecure in their presence. You just get through convincing yourself that you are OK, and they come along and make you feel insecure again.

Being a teenager is especially difficult for you. Because you lack confidence, you are easily manipulated. You will wear the latest fashions. You will use the mouth wash even though there is little chance of you having bad breath. If you are good looking, you will do anything to enhance this because you feel sure no one will love you if you lose your good looks or get old. You may not know this yet, but you will be loved more when you are not pretty or handsome or young because you will not be thought of as competition. You will then be loved for yourself, not for what you try to make people think you are.

You are more romantic than sexy. The 30% - 39 % physical (confidence & stamina) people are especially romantic. Romance has to be with them all their lives or they will not feel alive. They are the ones most likely to enjoy romantic movies or stories. The low physical (confidence & stamina) male might become promiscuous because our society says a man has to be virile to be a real man. He does not feel this way so he feels he is not a man. To cover up he might tell a lot of dirty jokes and get fresh with girls or women trying to make people think he is sexy. Sexy men do not behave this way. He is most likely to get fresh with someone younger than he. He would not have the confidence to do this to a stronger or an older person because they might tell him off or make trouble for him. He needs to relax and stop trying to prove himself.

You are attracted to the young people. You feel more comfortable with them. They are not a threat to you. The low physical (confidence & stamina) girl or woman who does not get enough love and attention from her family might be inclined to have sex just to get that love and attention. The sex part is not too important to her, but the love and attention usually are. If you don't want your low confidence daughter to go astray, be sure she is made to feel worthwhile at home. If she is put down she will find someone who makes her feel secure even if it is just for a little while. It is easy for people to take advantage of the low physical (confidence & stamina) person because s/he feels guilty when saying no.

If you dress or act sexy, you will attract people to you who are not sexually compatible with you. The employer need not be afraid to hire a low physial (confidence & stamina) person. That person will do a good job. As long as they are getting a paycheck, they will feel worthwhile. If the employer praises the low physical (confidence & stamina) person, they will work harder and do even a better job. They can be one of the better workers if they get the praise. They will work hard hoping to get praise. A lot of overtime is not for these people. They give so much during the day there is nothing left for overtime. They can handle it now and then, but not as a steady regime.

When you come home from work, you may be happiest if you could just sit, watch TV or do whatever you want. Cooking, cleaning house, waiting on spouse and children along with that outside job is drudgery to you. Let the spouse do the proper share of the housework and tending the children. Let the children do their share too. The work should be divided up according to the amount of energy each person naturally has. Let the high physical (confidence & stamina) percentage person do more of the work. Raising a child alone would also be a great burden to you.

If you are married to someone with a much higher physical (confidence & stamina) percentage, they will constantly be working around the house while you will be sitting or wanting to sit in that easy chair. You may try to get them to sit with you so you won't feel guilty about their working. You should sit because that is natural for you and let them work because that is natural for them.

When you work around the house, you may be inclined to work a bit and then admire a lot. To continually wash and clean is a chore for which you are not suited. You are fortunate if you can get the dirty dishes to the sink. If you don't like to keep a neat and clean house, do not invite the high stamina percentage people over. They are the ones most likely to tell others you are lazy. Low stamina percentage people who have been brainwashed may also put you down. It might make them feel superior, they think, but it will only make them feel guilty. The high physical percentage person has so much energy they assume everyone also has it.

If your marriage is not going well, you may feel guilty about it and assume it is your fault. You may feel it is something you are doing wrong. If your spouse is in a bad mood, you may feel you did something to make him or her feel that way even if they tell you that you had nothing to do with it. Believe them when they say you had nothing to do with it.

You are usually happiest when you are living a simple life. You usually love the outdoors. While you are "roughing it", you cannot be expected to clean or polish or "take care of things". You love luxuries if someone takes care of them for you. When people get money they also get things and the things tend to control their lives. You need to be free from this drudgery. If you like what you are doing, it is not drudgery. Most low physical (confidence & stamina) people do not like housework.

Because of your lack of confidence, you are more likely to seek counseling. If life gets too difficult for you and you want out and you choose the suicide route, you will not kill yourself because you lack the confidence to do it. You will gain confidence if you do not run away when situations get tough. You will gain strength if you keep your promises and if you do not procrastinate. Do not worry about things you cannot change. If you can change it, do so before it gets out of hand.

Your lack of stamina will be more likely to show up when you have matured. One day you might say to yourself, "I'm tired of waiting on other people. I'm tired of keeping a neat, clean house. What is the purpose of it?". When you have this conversation with yourself, you know you have matured and praise will not be the driving force anymore. At that time, you will begin to do what you feel is right for yourself.

As you mature, you will find that you really are O.K. You will learn to do for yourself first. If there is any energy left over, you will then do for others, but only if you really want to. You will be able to accomplish things for yourself when you quit looking to others for praise. You will learn to ignore people who want to use you for their benefit and who try to make you feel guilty because you do not do what they want you to do. You will gradually learn to not feel guilty when you say no. You will delight in saying no when you do not want to do something. You will learn your opinions are just as good as the next person's point of view. You will learn to be a bit hard without being calloused. Most of your life you have been too soft and let people use you.

If you are meant to become famous, it will probably happen in later life, when you have gained confidence. It usually takes longer for low confidence percentage people to achieve their goals. If you got a lot of support and praise while you were growing up, you will gain confidence and achieve sooner. Learning to say no when you do not want to do something is a very important step toward gaining confidence. You need to say no without feeling guilty. That will come with practice.

You are likely to become a nail-biter. When you are corrected for this, it makes you feel more insecure and nervous. When you are having critical days, you are likely to do more biting.


You are a natural born parent. Your immediate family is probably very important to you. You may try to parent everyone, even adults. You may desire people to obey you without question, just as a parent wants a child to obey. You want others to obey you, but you may not be willing to obey them.

You are mainly interested in what affects you and your immediate family. You may be against welfare for the poor because you feel anyone could work if they wanted. Your taxes pay for welfare so it affects you personally. A lot of women's liberation fighters who have a high physical (confidence & stamina) percentage are in this emotional range.

Little children appreciate you. You are there to love, to hold and to wipe the away the tears. When your children reach their teen years, your parenting might be too heavy for them. They might want to stand on their own feet and make their own mistakes. You might insist you know what is best for them.

You are inclined to fight any adult you feel is harmful to children. Even though you are not compatible with people having an Emotional (Love) number in the #14 - #20 range, you are attracted to the child in them. You may even marry someone in this range. They bring out the parent in you. You will want to protect them and take care of them. They will appreciate you. They will complain now and then about being treated like a child. They really need the attention you can give them. In a marriage this will not be an adult relationship, but a parent-child one. You might have a clipped way of speaking. It would be because you are a parent type and it is natural for you to give orders. You might sound as if you are giving orders even when you are just talking.

As a spouse, you will give your loved one gifts, but not money. You do not want your spouse to become dependent. You need cuddling. If your physical is in the low to medium range, you might resent it if your partner wants to push you into having sex everytime you hug him/her. You need times just for holding and being peaceful with your loved one. You are usually a quietly emotional person. You might appear placid and reserved. You are likely to be politically conservative and you may be involved in religion or philosophy more than others.

You tend to need people. A large city is good for you. The lower your Emotional (Love) percentage the more you need privacy and the more a small town is right for you. There are a number of broadcasting executives in this range. They tend to treat the public as though they are children. You may need to learn that some people do not appreciate being treated like children. If you just parent the ones who really need you, your life will be full of joy.

If you have the Emotional (Love) number 0, you may be a combination of a parent and one who cares about the whole world. You may also enjoy living with a lot of people.


You have an analytical type mind. You can see the little details. You are good at organizing. You are happiest when you are allowed to do things your way. You can see the easy way to do things. You might want others to do it your way, too. You may feel hurt when they do not listen to you. When you mature, you will learn to let others do what they feel is right for themselves. Some people want and need to do things the hard way.

You learn best from outlines. To you, a picture is worth a thousand words. You might have had trouble with word problems in school because too many words are like a foreign language to you. This may have slowed your learning down when you were young.

You may be supersensitive. You do not like to be criticized. You might feel people go out of their way to pick on you. You can make "mountains out of mole hills". If you have a high Emotional (Love) percentage (57-100%), there could be a tendency to be a bit paranoid. You may feel people make up excuses instead of telling you the truth. You may distrust the motives of people who have power over you. This makes you a watch dog and ready to fight at the first hint of dishonesty. You are suspicious of people who gain by using you.

You can be quite stubborn. You usually cannot stand being wrong. You might not be able to bend easily. You may think you are right all the time. In a marriage, if both parties have this mental percentage, they might destroy their marriage rather than admit they could be wrong. Someone with a 15% mental percentage can bend easier than the person with the 0-9% mental percentage. Once you take a stand, you are likely to stick to it, right or wrong. You might rather die than get out of that incompatible marriage or job. You could be the one to get cancer if you do not learn to let go. Cancer is a socially acceptable and common form of suicide.

You may not like to be told what to do. You might not like to follow orders. You may not want to be led or controlled. You might even be able to ignore people who try to control you. This could drive them crazy. You could agree with them and then go and do what you want. You may be quite a serious person. You could have difficulty making small talk. You could even be a comic and still feel very serious inside. You can let your feelings be hurt even when no offense is intended.

You are happiest when you are solving problems. You could be very good at games like chess and bridge. You may be excellent at statistical and census data work. You can easily ask others if they have a piece of candy, gum or a cigarette. Aggression may not be for you. It could be hazardous to your health. If you have to claw your way up, it would be better not to try to climb the ladder of success. If you become a boss, you would be inclined to correct all the little details yourself. You may be happiest being a support person. You will be a treasure to any boss who lets you do things your own way.

Your downfalls in life usually come because you see the detail, but not the whole picture. Because you can see the detail so clearly, you might think that is all there is. It is like looking at the grains of sand on the beach. While you are focusing on the sand, the tide comes in and washes you out to sea.

If you have extremes to your personality, this creates havoc of one sort or another inside you. This means you have to cope with yourself and with the outside world. You might as well learn how to relax and not take things so seriously. When you can do that, your life will be much easier.

If you have a low Mental percentage (0-15%), a low Physical percentage (0-39%) and a low Emotional (Love) percentage (0-43%), you are probably a glib talker. You may be a salesperson. If your Emotional (Love) number is #7 - #13, you may have the ability to talk people out of things for their own benefit or that of others. If your Emotional (Love) number is in the #14 - #20 group, you could be very charming and calculating and have the ability to talk people out of things for your benefit. You could have the "get them before they get me" attitude. You may rely mainly on strategy to achieve your aims.

If you are a parent and have a high Emotional (Love) percentage (57-100%), you could be a very heavy parent. You might feel you know what is best for your children and not permit them to develop their own personalities. This could lead to some serious emotional problems for your children. You need to learn to let them do what is right for themselves even if it seems the hard way to you. Just be there when they need you and set a good example. If your ways are right for your children, they will follow you.

You need to learn that most people are not out to get you and you cannot always be right. You need to learn to let others do things their way. You need to learn to let go when you see that the situation you are in will not change or get better. You do not want to admit you could be wrong so you might hang on and let it destroy you. Trying to be right all the time will hurt you much more than admitting you were wrong. Let people be right when it is not very important to you. You can then be right when it is important to you. They will like you much better if you are not too stubborn. Ask your counselor to prepare for you a DAILY BIORHYTHM CHART for the next 12 months. It is a chart which will enable you to spot your high and low cycles during which the positives and negatives of your MENTAL (reasoning & logic) percentage profile are amplified.


There is a little physical attraction. The low Physical percentage (LPP) person cannot keep up with the high Physical percentage (HPP) person. The HPP person will be very sexy. The LPP person will be more romantic. If the LPP is a male, he may put on a macho act and pretend he is real sexy. That will only bring him grief. He would be happier being romantic instead.

The LPP person will feel guilty if s/he does not do what the HPP person wants. It is vital for the LPP person to learn to say "no" to people who want to use him/her. Say "no" to at least one request daily. You will feel guilty when you do, but that is better than doing something you do not want to do.

The HPP person will love to be rich, needs luxuries and to indulge self. The LPP person will be happiest living a simpler lifestyle. Housework is not for the LPP person, but s/he might do it. The HPP person could and should do more of the housework instead of nagging the LPP person to do it. The LPP person has enough stamina to do what is important to self, but not enough for what others might want from him/her.

The LPP person will get more joy from saving than spending. The HPP person will tend to spend what the LPP person wants to save. After the honeymoon is over, the HPP person may think the LPP person is lazy, undersexed and perhaps a tightwad. The LPP person may think the HPP person is oversexed and a spendthrift. There will be many money and physical problems that must be overcome in order for this relationship to work.


The love is lacking. You cannot give the other person their kind of love, the kind of love one needs to stay healthy and happy. There will be unwarranted jealousies. Unwarranted jealousies come when two people cannot tell if the other person is glancing or flirting. There is a natural distrust, "I wonder what s/he is up to."

#3 - #6 Emotional (Love) persons are natural parents. They are likely to expect others to obey them without questioning them, like a child is expected to obey a parent. They lean toward religion more than the average.

#21 - #24 Emotional (Love) persons are natural adults and need to be treated with respect. They need to be asked, not told, what to do. #3 - #6 Emotional (Love) person could insult #21 - #24 without meaning to. They could sound too bossy and that will turn #21 - #24 off. The #21 Emotional (Love) person is a combination adult-child. This could be a parent-child attraction. This will be deadly in a marriage.


You cannot talk things over or tell your troubles to one another. Your hearing, thinking and logic are on different wavelengths. What bothers one person will not bother the other. There will be a lot of "You're not listening to me". Try putting things in writing. Make a game of it. That will straighten out many of the misunderstandings.

The high Mental percentage (HMP) person needs to lead or control. The low Mental percentage (LMP) person does not want to be controlled by anyone. The HMP person will get frustrated trying.

If you have all low percentages (Physical, Emotional, Mental), you are the salesperson type. If your Emotional (Love) number is between #14 and #20, you can probably talk people out of or into things for your benefit. You might have the "get them before they get me" attitude. You need to be careful about getting involved with things that are not on the up and up.

If you have all low percentages (Physical, Emotional, Mental) and your Emotional (Love) number is #7 - #13, you can talk people out of things for the benefit of your group or community. This incompatibility can cause you some real problems. If you both are not willing to do what is necessary to deal with this "barrier", it may be the main reason for a termination of the relationship.


Is what you feel for that other person really love? We have been so distorted by our upbringing that we might not know who would be right for us. We are taught that we should love everyone, but because of our lack of knowledge regarding The Eternal Way, we find it impossible. Therefore, that teaching results in guilt. Without the knowledge of The Eternal Way, you cannot love everyone and not everyone can love you.

You attract opposites if you do not like yourself or if you have a need to suffer or if you were conditioned wrongly by being raised with people who are not like you. You can now find the love of your life. No need to settle for less. If you have been getting involved with people who make you unhappy, you can see what you are doing and correct it. This will help you get married or become involved with people who are mainly good for you.

You are on your way to greater happiness. Do not be afraid of it. You can learn to live with yourself; to accept yourself and others, too. Don't fight it. You are what you are. There are people who will love you because you are you. At least 60% is needed IN EACH AREA of compatibility for two people to be happy together without much friction. A relationship is only as good as its weakest link.

You have an area of compatibility below 60%, which means there will definitely be friction in that area. The relationship will only work if both of you compromise equally. It may also work if one of you willingly becomes the giver and the other becomes the taker. Any action short of these two options options will most likely result in a relationship termination. This termination will be a difficult decision for both of you, especially if you have a high Emotional (Love) percentage compatibility, but it will be for the long-term benefit of your individual personal growth.

Your average compatibility is between 0 and 40%. This means you have low compatibility, but high polarity. Your high polarity will cause much stress but it will have the effect of balancing each other so that your risk factor becomes low as long as you are willing to give the other person much space to be who they are. Jealousy or fear easily arises in this type of compatibility and can be extremely detrimental to this relationship. High polarity is better for business relationships than it is for social relationships.

A commitment to unconditional love for the other person is what is needed to insure the relationship. Accomplish this and you have the key to a fulfilling relationship.